Step 1 – The match screen

Match screen

The match screen is the center of the app. From this screen you can go to multiple other menu’s and screens to keep further track of the game. You can go to:

– Substitutions and time outs
– Cards and time penalties
– Options and settings

How does it work?

In this screen you can keep track of the time and the score. You can do this by tapping on one of the three components. The time is in the top of the screen. The score is represented by the two buttons below. The left one for the home team en the right one for the away team.

Example: If you want to add a home goal tap the score button on the left. The number in the button will add +1.

Example 2:  To start or stop the time just tap on the timer. When you stop the time the timer will change it’s color to red.

The app helps you during the match. When you stop the timer the app will push a notification sound each 5 seconds the timer is paused. When the timer had finished (reaches 0:00) the app will push a notification sound each 2 seconds. You can stop the notification by tapping the timer.

Wrong goal input
When you added a goal by mistake or with the wrong team. Just tap twice on the button to decrease the number of goals by 1. Solved! 🙂

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