Step 3 – Substitutions and Time Outs

Substitutions & Time Outs

This screen helps you to keep track of the substitutions (subs) and time outs. Just as in the match screen you can decrease the number of subs or time outs by 1 with tapping the button.

When you start a Time Out there will start a timer in the background of the app. The timer will be started according to the number of seconds you put in the settings. When the time runs out, you will feel/hear a notification. You can turn off the timer notification in the settings of creating a  new match (step 5)

I pushed the wrong button?
No panic, just as with the score you can tap twice to add 1 to the number of subs or time outs.

Pro tip:
From the match screen you can go directly to the substitutions screen without the use of the force touch menu. You can do this by swiping over the scoreboard from the right to the left.

Important: Whe you swipe over the score, make sure you don’t swipe from the edges of the Apple Watch. When you do this, the Apple Watch can interpretate it as one of it’s own functions, by example go back to a previous screen. These Apple functions have effect on you experience during the game. It is safer to use the force touch menu if you not familier with app.

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