Step 2 – Menu


The menu is a Force Touch menu. This means that the manual is approcable by force touching the screen. The menu is only visible in the match screen. The other screens have back buttons the navigate you back to the match screen.

What can I choose in the menu?

You can choose out of four options:

– To the next match fase**
– The Substitutions & Time Out screen
– The Card or Penalty screen
– The Options en Settings screen

**What means the next match fase?
For the app the match contains a number of fases. By example, in a normal football match we have a first and second half and a halftime break. When you start a new match the app already loaded the first half (or quarter) for you. When the first half (or quarter) has finished. You can tap the Start/Stop Half button in the menu to go to the next fase. This will be a break or the next quarter. You can keep on moving to the next fase until the match has ended. When the last fase is completed you can press the button again to end the match. You than get the change to see a summary of the match.

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