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For what purposes can I use RefSupport?

RefSupport can be used to make it yourself easier while leading a match as a refferee. Because of the app you don’t have to use a pen and paper any longer. You can keep track of the time, score, substitutes and time-outs.

On wich devices can I use RefSupport?

On this moment RefSupport can be used on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Development Process:

  • Apple Watch 100%
  • iPhone 70%

Top-5 questions:

How can I start a new match?

You can start a new match by using the “New Match” button (iPhone) or the “Options” menu button (Apple Watch). After this you can select the right options in the following steps.

For wich sports can I use RefSupport?

On this moment there is a solid support for the following sports:

  • Korfball
  • Football

RefSupport can be used for far more other sports ofcourse. If your sport isn’t in the list or you would like to see an expansion or improvement for your sport? Please contact us and fill in the form down below the page.

I don't get a notification when the match ends

On this moment it’s only possible to get a notifiaction when you use the iPhone app. Therefore you need to allow RefSupport to send notifications. We’re currently working to send notifications on the Apple Watch aswell.

How can I get to the menu on the Apple Watch?

This can be done by force touching the Apple Watch. By force touching you can get to the menu and navigate through the app.

Can I save the match?

Currently this function is unavailable.

Why is the integration for Hockey and Handball not available for the iPhone app?

On this moment we’re working hard to release RefSupport 2.0 on iPhone/iPod. We’re not only focussing on the new functionaliteis but also on a new and improved design.

Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming release!

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