Step 4 – Cards & Time Penalties

Cards & Time Penalties

In some sports it happends every match, in some it’s a rare occasion. But cards, in several colors, and time penalties are a part of sport and the app also helps you to keep track of them.

The card screen is approchable form the Force Touch Menu.

What are my options?

From the main overview, as is show in the first picture, you can do three things:

– See the overview of already given cards and penalties.
– Add a card
– Add a 2 min time penalty (handball)

In the overview all the given cards and penalties are put into a list. The color of the text represents the color of the card. You can choose out of yellow, red and green (hockey).

Add a card
To add a card choose the team of the player of coach, choose the color and the number of the player or role.

2 minute penalty
To add a 2 min penalty you do exactly the same as you do when adding a card. Choose the team and the player.

Tips & Tricks
From the match screen you can directly move to the card screen by swiping over the score from the left to the right. You can go back to the match screen by tapping the back button.

Important: Only swipe over the scoreboard. Do not swipe from the edges of the Apple Watch. When you do this it will have effect on your experience during the match.

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