Step 5 – Settings and Options


Within this screen you can do three things:

– Reset data
– Set data
– Create a match

Pro tip:¬†Only use the set option if you have no other choice. It’s currently not user friendly when your in a match.

1. Reset data


In this screen it is possible to reset data to it’s original value. So in case you want to reset the score, both the home as the away score will be put back to 0. When you reset the time, it will reset itself to the original filled in duration of a quarter or half.

2. Set data

You can set data by tapping the set button and then choose which data you want to set. Use it only when the match is paused or in a break, because doing it running will cause you to having trouble in the process.

Create a match

When you want to remove the current (active) match or just create a new one, you can choos for “Delete & Create a new match. When you choose this option you will be asked to confirm the fact you want to delete it.

Choose sport

In the first screen you can choose the sport. At the moment the app supports the sports: Korfball, Football, Handball, Hockey and Basketball. If you want to use the app for another sport, you can choose the “Other” option at the bottom of the list.

When you selected the sport you can choose to set on some extra functionalities as time out notifications, filling in extra goal information etcetera. When you tap an option it will turn green and put on. To remove it, tap again on the option to turn it back to grey. The selected sport will automaticly set on some handy features. You can always choose to turn it off in this menu.

When your done, tap “Next”.


After choosing the sport and the extra features you’re asked to select to duration of a half. When you selected the use of quarters you’ll have to fill in the duration of a quarter, not a half. The list contains some of the most common time options. If you want a specific time, choose ‘Specify’ to fill it in yourself.


After the half or quarter time, you can select the time the halftime must take. If you want a specific time, choose ‘Specify’ again.


In many sports there is a maximum number of substitutions possible. Therefore you have to fill in the numer of subs you can allow during a match. If players can by substituted without any limit than you don’t have to fill in anything.

Note: When you choose 0, you cannot decrease the number by 1. If you want to keep track of it, but it is unlimted choose the highets number.

Time Out

For the last step you choose the number of time outs and the duration of one time out. The duration will be used for the notification (if you turned it off, it won’t push a notification). If you choose for 0 time outs you will not be asked to select the duration.

All set!

Easy right? You are now ready to begin the match without touching your phone at all. Enjoy the app and have fun during the game!

If you walk into any problems or notice some malfunctions, please report it in the contact form on the support page. If we have any questions left unawnsered, please do fill in the contact form and we will awnser the question as soon as possible!

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